How to Write a Letter of Resignation in Education

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Finding new employment or willingly leaving a job often leads to an elated feeling of accomplishment and relief, particularly if your new employment situation is distinctly better than your previous employment situation. As you transition from one job to the next, however, it is important to remember that it will be advantageous to you and your career if you maintain a positive relationship with the employer you are leaving.

This is particularly important in the field of education, in which you will likely have interactions with former colleagues and administrators at educational conferences and workshops. To maintain positive working relationships with past employers in the field of education you need to write a thoughtful and respectful letter of resignation.

Format your letter according to a standard business letter format. Standard business format requires you to place your name and address in the top right side of the page. Following this, you will write the delivery date below your address and on the left side of the page. Directly below this you will write your direct education supervisor's name (principal, department chair, superintendent) and his or her business address (usually just the address of the school).

Open your letter with a formal salutation such as "Dear Mr. Thomas Smith" or "Dear Superintendent Debra McGillicutty."

Indicate your intent to resign from your educational post in the first line of the body of your letter. Do not include superfluous adjectives. For example, write something as concise as, "I am writing to inform you of my intent to resign from my post as 11th grade English teacher."

Describe the exact date of your departure. While most schools operate with contracts which require you to continue working until the end of a school year, some schools (particularly those in at-will employment states) allow you to stop working at a job as soon as you like. You should always give at least two weeks notice when leaving any position, particularly an education position in which your immediate replacement will be necessary so as to avoid putting students at a disadvantage.

Thank your employer for the time you've spent working at the school while simultaneously expressing regret over leaving the company. You can accomplish this with a line such as, "I regret leaving the school at which I have sincerely enjoyed my last four years of teaching."

Detail several important job skills you learnt while working at the educational institution. If possible, indicate any and all personnel who helped you in the development of those skills. For example, "I am particularly grateful for Grace Miller's guidance relating to unit planning and lesson implementation during my first two years at Millhopper High."

Close your letter with the standard, formal business letter closing. This requires you to sign off the letter with "Sincerely" or "Respectfully" before signing your name. Underneath the area at which you sign your name, you should also print your name, either by hand or by typing your name on the word processor or typewriter.

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