Instructions for a Twist Stepper With Cords

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The twist stepper with cords is a type of portable exercise machine made by several manufacturers, like Body Sculpture or Confidence, to provide a full-body workout. By engaging arms and legs simultaneously, a twist stepper increases your heart rate and strengthens upper and lower body. Additionally, movement is not limited to one plane. Twisting the torso adds variety, challenge and core exercise to the workout. The twist stepper is easy to move, store and maintain, too.

Assemble the device correctly according to directions. Put the machine in an open area and get on. Working on a flat surface or placing a stable mat underneath will minimise wear and tear and noise.

Work out with the lower body. Place feet in the foot pads. The more the toes are toward the front, the easier stepping may feel on your legs. With heels toward the back of the foot pad, the challenge to leg muscles is greater. Begin stepping up and down like climbing stairs. After a few steps, the machine will calculate the number of steps for you. For more intense exercise, step faster. The Body Sculpture model allows adjusting step depth and height. To engage core muscles, low back, hips and buttocks, add a twisting motion. Simply swivel the hips from side to side as you are stepping. Start with subtle twisting to get used to the motion and then increase the rotation. But, be careful: You may not be able to add rotation if you have low back or spinal issues.

Work out the upper body by grasping the cords attached to the twist stepper. With a handle in each hand, gently pull up on one band at a time while stepping. For more intensity, push the arm up and out in front of you, or overhead to use chest and shoulder muscles. It does take a level of coordination to step, twist, and add arm pulling or pushing motions. On certain models, the cords can disengage while you are using them. If you drop a cord, you will likely have to stop your feet and bend down to get it. To avoid this, hold small, light weights instead.

Maintain the unit. Maintenance means inspecting the cords for tears or cracks. If they appear, replace the cords. Moving parts will require cleaning and lubrication. Check the maintenance instructions for other suggestions. Noise level does not necessarily mean maintenance is needed but it could be an indication.

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