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Instructions for Hozelock AC2

The Hozelock AC2 is a battery-powered electronic water timer that will allow watering up to twice a day. Once the device is set up, you can control the amount of days between waterings and how long the timer will be operational for each individual watering. The timer is designed to be easily set up and programmed.

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  1. Remove the screws on the back cover. Remove the back cover. Insert two 1.5-volt "C" batteries, taking care to properly line up the "+" and "-" markers.

  2. Position the rubber seal on the back cover correctly to maintain the waterproof seal. Replace the back cover and screw it down. Make sure the screws are flush with the back cover to ensure a seamless connection.

  3. Press the button with a picture of a clock on it to set the time. Press "H," "M" and "D" to set the hour, minute and date, respectively. Press "Off" when finished to set the time and date.

  4. Press "P1" to set the first watering day. Press "D" to choose the watering day. This will appear as "Mo" for Monday, "Tu" for Tuesday, etc. Press "Off" to set the day.

  5. Press "P1" to set up the time if you're planning on having the watering set up for twice a day. Press "H" and "M" to set the start time. Press the button that looks like the number "1" in a droplet of water to set the amount of time it will be watering. Press "H" and "M" to set the watering time, with a maximum allowable watering time of five hours and 59 minutes. Press "Off" to set the first watering time.

  6. Press "P2" to set a second watering time for the same day. Follow the instructions listed for setting the first time with "P1" and do it again, this time pressing the button with the number "2" inside of a droplet of water to set the amount of time needed for this second watering.

  7. Press the button with a lower case "d" inside of a circle to set the number of watering days. Each time you press the "d" button, it will change the frequency of the watering. "1" will cause it to water every day, "2" every second day and "3" every third day.

  8. Press "P1" or "P2" at any point to check the assigned start times. Press the number "1" or "2" inside of the droplet of water to check the assigned watering times. Press "Off" when finished checking and press "Auto" to implement the programs. If you'd like to operate the device manually, press "On" to begin watering; the device will automatically turn off after 59 minutes, or you can press "Off" to manually shut it off.

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 1.5-volt "C" batteries

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