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How to add trackers to vuze

Updated July 20, 2017

Vuze, formerly known as Azureus, is a BitTorrent client used for peer-to-peer file transfers. Like other BitTorrent clients, Vuze gets information about other users it should download from and upload to from a tracker, which tracks the other users downloading and uploading the file. All torrent files contain one or more tracker addresses, so Vuze can normally download the file without additional trackers. In some cases, particularly if the tracker goes down or if there aren't enough other users connected to the tracker, you might have to add a new tracker to a torrent.

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  1. View downloading torrents by clicking the "Downloading..." option under "Files" at the left side of the Vuze window.

  2. Right-click the torrent you want to add trackers to in the list of downloading files.

  3. Click "Advanced," "Tracker/Torrent" and "Add Tracker URL" in the right-click menu.

  4. Type or copy and paste a tracker address into the "Enter New Tracker URL" box.

  5. Click "OK."

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