Instructions for the Seiko SQ100

Though Seiko SQ100 watches vary in features and appearance, they operate in the same way according to the Seiko calibre code on the back of the watch--in this case, 7T32. With a main centre-right crown, this watch also has three side buttons and another crown on the bottom right of the face for setting the alarm.

Set the date and time on your SQ100 watch at the same time. Pull the main crown out to its first position, then turn the crown clockwise until yesterday's day number appears. (Don't do this between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m.)

Wait for the second hand to reach 12, then pull the crown out to its furthest position. Turn the crown until today's date appears, then continue to turn the crown until the hour and minute hands are properly set. Push the crown all the way back in to set the time as your standard time's second hand passes 12.

Syncronize your SQ100's alarm by pulling out the bottom-right crown below the main crown to its furthest position, then turning it in either direction to mimic the time on your watch. Push the alarm crown all the way back in.

Set the alarm by pulling the lower crown to its middle position and pressing the bottom-left button on your watch until the alarm time is set. Push the crown back into the face, and the alarm is ready to be engaged. Turn the alarm on by pulling the lower crown out to its middle position; turn it off by pushing it back into the face of the watch.

Use the SQ100's stopwatch by pressing the upper-left button to reset the stopwatch dial's time. Press the top-right button to start the stopwatch and the same button to stop it again for a measurement of the time elapsed.

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