How to Replace the Heater Core in a Land Rover Freelander

The heater core in a Land Rover Freelander is responsible for providing heat for the environmental system. The heater core works much like a radiator, in that it uses a series of aluminium tubes and cooling fins to transfer heat from the hot engine coolant to the air blown over the heater core by the blower motor. Replacement of the heater core requires removal of the entire dashboard and can take around six hours to complete.

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Disconnect the lower radiator hose and drain all engine coolant.

Release the two clips securing the heater hoses to the heater core at the firewall and disconnect the hoses. Remove both steering column covers. Disconnect the two multi-plugs from the rotary coupler. Remove the four screws securing the rotary coupler and remove the coupler. Remove the four multi-plugs from the wiper/indicator switch. Loosen the clamping screw securing the wiper/indicator switch and remove the switch. Remove the two screws from the steering column lower finish panel and remove the panel. Remove the fuse box cover from inside the glove compartment. Disconnect the two multi-plugs from the fuse box. Remove the dashboard clock mounting face and clock unit.. Remove the upper trim panels from both A-pillars.

Remove or disconnect the following to remove the passenger side airbag module: two screws securing the airbag lower finish panel, four Torx bolts securing the airbag module to the dash panel, and the airbag connector from the airbag module. Disconnect the two main harness-to-dash multi-plugs from inside the centre console opening. Remove the twelve dash panel retaining bolts located along the windshield and firewall. Remove the entire dash panel.

Remove the two bolts securing the console support bracket and disconnect both relays connectors. Remove the brackets located in front of the shift lever. Disconnect the four multi-plugs from the heater controls. Disconnect the multi-plug from the heater assembly and release the diagnostic connector. Disconnect the multi-plug from the heater evaporator. Disconnect the ducts from the left and right outer upper level vents. Detach the left and right defogger vents. Release the air inlet connector hose and disconnect the wiring harness from the heater housing. Remove the two nuts and one bolt holding the heater core box closed and open the box. Pull the old heater core out.

Repeat steps one through four in reverse order to install the new heater core.

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