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How to Change the Batteries on a Drayton Digistat

Updated March 23, 2017

The Drayton Digistat is a digital thermostat for your home. The digital interface on the thermostat is powered by two AA batteries. If the batteries drain down, you'll notice a "Low Battery" warning and you'll be unable to control the thermostat. Replace the batteries as soon as possible to prevent such an occurrence. Changing the batteries takes about five minutes.

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  1. Inspect the bottom-right edge of the Digistat. You'll see a small notch. This notch allows you to remove the battery cover.

  2. Insert a coin, such as a nickel or dime, into the notch. Pry outward gently to pull the battery cover off. You'll now see the batteries.

  3. Slide the first battery out of the compartment, and then slide the second battery forward and out of the compartment.

  4. Insert one battery into the compartment. The "Plus" side of the battery should be facing right. Push it to the left to move it to the rear of the compartment.

  5. Insert the second battery. Again, the "Plus" side should be facing right. Push it in gently to ensure it's properly attached.

  6. Line up the battery cover with the compartment. Push the cover firmly to snap it back into the Drayton Digistat.

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Things You'll Need

  • Coin
  • Two AA batteries

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