How to Modify a Polo Mk3

The third generation VW Polo was introduced in 1994 and produced until 2000. Unlike the Golf model which the Polo shares much of its components, it was never imported to the U.S. The Polo is a smaller version of the VW Golf and is known as a "supermini.

" With its small size and light weight, the Polo is entertaining to drive and fuel efficient. The Polo can also be modified into a more unique car.

Install aftermarket wheels. Due to the small size of the Polo, it comes stocked with wheels and tires that are on the small size as well. Installing wider wheels and stickier tires will make the car look better and improve grip. Keep in mind that you may not want to go larger than a 16 or 17-inch wheel.

Lower the suspension. Installing stiffer and lower springs paired with performance shocks will improve a Polo's handling as well as upgrade the appearance. Installing suspension components requires special tools and expertise and should not be attempted without the proper experience.

Modify the engine for more power. A cold air intake combined with a more free-flowing exhaust will increase your Polo's horsepower and improve its exhaust note. You can also install a performance chip that recalibrates the engine's computer for more performance.

Upgrade the interior. If your Polo has better handling than stock, a deeper set of performance seats is a good addition to the interior to better hold the occupants in place. To remove the stock seats, slide the seat back and remove the front bolts. Slide the seat forward to remove the rear bolts. Install the new seats with the proper seat adaptors. Another common upgrade is a smaller sport wheel, which is installed with a hub that allows the wheel to be bolted on.

Install a front spoiler or an entire body kit. There are several companies that offer exterior upgrades for the Mk3 Polo. Here, you can keep it simple by installing a rear wing and front lip. Or you can get more extreme and install a full bodykit that includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts and spoilers. These parts should be installed and painted by a specialist at a professional bodyworks garage for the best results.