Instructions for the danfoss tp5

The Danfoss TP5 allows you to set 12 different times and temperatures for your thermostat while also allowing you the freedom to easily change the temperature if you ever get too hot or too cold. It also lets you change the setting for weekends, when you're more likely to be at home, and if you go away on vacations or for extended periods of time.

Move the battery cover to the left to show the programming buttons and the batteries. Take out the paper insulator from between the batteries and the contact. Press and hold the "Up" and "Down" arrow buttons for the temperature and the "+" and "-" buttons for the time to reset the device.

Press the "Program" button; this will cause the colon to stop flashing. Press the "+" and "-" buttons to set the device to the current time. You can either hold either button down to change the time more quickly or tap the buttons to change it one minute at a time. Press "Program" again to start the clock once you have entered the correct time.

Press the "+" or "-" buttons to cycle through the days of the week. It will be set once you have left the indicator on the correct day, so no further action needs to be taken.

Press the "Program" button. Each time you press it you will see one of the 12 different set times for the device. Press "+" or "-" each time to change the one of the set times. Press "Up" or "Down" at any set time to change the set temperature.

Press "Up" or "Down" at any point in the day to manually override the temperature setting for any given time. It will go back to the programmed temperature settings when the next one of the 12 temperature cycles begins.

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