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How do I lift Grasshopper mower decks?

Updated July 20, 2017

Grasshopper mowers belong to the large riding mower class, and are used by both average homeowners that need precise lawn work and commercial landscapers that need to mow a variety of terrains. Grasshopper mowers offer a zero-turn radius, meaning the mower can turn 180 degrees and leave on the same path on which it approached. This feature allows the Grasshopper to manoeuvre and reach into tight spaces. Grasshopper mower decks can be conveniently swung up and lifted to allow for storage or maintenance.

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  1. Raise the footrest and use the locking mechanism to hold it in the vertical position.

  2. Lower the mower deck height adjustment arm. This is the vertical lever on the right side of the mower deck.

  3. Grasp the front part of the mower deck and fold the mower deck upward until it latches automatically. Listen for the clicks of the spring-loaded self-locking clamps to confirm that the deck is locked in place in the upright position.

  4. Tip

    Grasshopper mowers with larger decks have a detachable lever arm to provide additional leverage when lifting the deck. Insert the leverage assist arm into the hole in front of the deck and lift the entire deck assembly with it. A power-fold option is a motorised accessory for Grasshopper mowers that provides electric deck lifting and grass-cutting height adjustment from a single control lever.


    As with all motorised appliances, never leave an engine running unattended and do not run an engine indoors without proper ventilation or in an enclosed space.

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