Making a Cargo Net

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Organising sports gear, groceries or luggage in the back of the car can be a trick. Cargo nets have become a popular method for keeping those items from shifting during transport. Cargo nets are also used to protect children on playgrounds, for climbing during fitness activities and to protect wildlife.

Simple cargo nets can be purchased from hardware or auto supply stores and playground suppliers, but making a cargo net is a simple task. Making your own cargo net also allows you to customise the net specifically to your needs.

Choose cargo netting appropriate for your needs. This netting is available in a variety of sizes and made for a variety of purposes. You can find cargo netting made from rope, nylon and plastic. Be sure to choose a cargo net that has a netting size appropriate for the items you want to contain.

Measure the size of cargo netting you will need. If the cargo net is for the back of the car, measure the size of your boot.

Cut the cargo net to the appropriate size using scissors, or if the netting made of larger materials, use a utility knife. When you cut the material, do not cut too close to a knot or the cargo net may unravel.

Use small rope or bungee cords to anchor the cargo net to tethers in your car. If your car does not have tethers, you can install your own or build a small frame for the cargo net. If the net is for another purpose, attach the net to a sturdy frame. Be sure that the net is pulled taut. If the netting is meant for climbing, make certain the net can support your weight.