How to convert a push mower to an electric start mower

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Many push mowers have a pull start that takes a lot of effort when starting the engine. Sometimes it doesn't work at all due to a broken cord or inability to pull it hard enough. Converting to an electric start takes strain off your arm and back when starting a lawnmower.

You just need an electric starter kit and a compatible lawnmower to get the job done.

Remove the engine cover from the engine of your lawnmower. Pull the cover away from the engine with your hands.

Locate the area on your lawnmower's generator engine for the place where an electric starter can be installed. This area has several mounting holes with removable plastic plugs.

Find the ring gear on the flywheel of your engine. Pull the shroud from the engine with your hands to expose the flywheel. The ring gear is a circular piece with teeth on its inner perimeter.

Connect the electric starter to the flywheel and ring gear. Insert the bolts that came with the electric starter kit through the holes on the electric starter and flywheel. Tighten the bolts by turning them clockwise with an adjustable wrench.

Plug the extension cord on the starter to a power source. This gives the starter the electricity needed for it to start the engine of the lawnmower.

Mount the starter button in a convenient location that is easily accessible. Insert screws through the holes of the starter's mounting plate and the location on which it is to be installed with a drill containing a screwdriver bit.

Replace the shroud and engine cover on your lawnmower. Press first the shroud over the flywheel and then the engine cover over the engine with your hands.

Press the starter button to start the lawnmower.