How to apply for a free laptop for a disabled child

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Disabled children can have an uphill struggle as they progress to their teenage years due to their physical or mental disabilities. As a result, numerous charitable organisations have been formed to assist disabled kids and their parents by providing supplies and support.

If your disabled child could benefit from a laptop, you can apply for one from various organisations. Applying for a free laptop may require persistence because of the limited supply and large number of applicants.

Contact local charities to inquire about free laptop programs. Government grants may be available in your area and the charity organisations would likely be aware of them.

Read the grant's or charity's rules and requirements. Verify that your family or your child meets the criteria for the free laptop program.

Fill out the application. Submit it to the address on the form. Check for any filing deadlines and submit the application on time.

Send applications to as many different organisations, grants and charities as possible. Demand for free laptops is high and it will likely take multiple attempts before you get a laptop for your child.