How to Tape for Trigger Finger

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Trigger finger is a condition that affects the tendons in the hands. Often there is popping and pain at the finger joints. However, when the condition progresses and any tendon in the finger cannot properly extend, the finger becomes locked and is unable to straighten.

Knowing how to properly tape the affected fingers can enable you to keep the condition from progressing. It is especially important to stabilise the affected fingers during sleep so you do not unintentionally bend your fingers at unnatural angles and make the condition worse.

Measure 1 inch of medical tape. Cut the piece of tape from the roll.

Attach one end of the tape to the affected finger, so that the length of the tape will wrap around your finger. The tape should be over the knuckle joint.

Wrap the tape comfortably around the entire knuckle joint.

Smooth the tape with your fingers to ensure it stays in place.