How to Vent a Portable Air-Conditioner Through Casement Windows

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Portable air-conditioners can be moved from room to room and can be installed in any type of window. These air-conditioners are on wheels and vent through the closest window to the outside of the house. Installing a portable air-conditioner through a casement window follows the same procedure as installing it through any other type of window, and with the installation kit you can have it completed in no time.

Set the portable air-conditioner about 5 feet in front of the casement window and make sure the electrical cord is long enough to reach the closest outlet. Measure the width of the window installation kit and crank open the casement window so the kit can fit vertically in the window.

Attach the provided exhaust hose connector to the portable air-conditioner and secure it in place with the hose clamps. Repeat the process for the connector on the other side of the air-conditioner. Attach both pieces to the two adaptor holes that come with the window kit. Snap the exhaust hoses in place.

Set the window installation kit into the opening of the window. The kit is made of plexiglass with two holes for the vents. Stand it up vertically so the two holes are located on the bottom of the casement window. Secure it in place by drilling screws through the side and into the window jamb.

Shut the window so it is snug against the plexiglass. Attach the window adaptor to the holes in the window installation kit. Lock it into place and inspect it to make sure it is secure and there are no spaces where air could get out.

Plug in the portable air-conditioner and turn it on. Move to the outside of the house to check and see if the vent is working. Put you hand up to the vent to feel for air that is circulating out.

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