How can I convert a shed into a bar?

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Converting a shed into a bar is a task that will require a significant amount of work to complete. Larger sheds that will be used year-round will require heating, cooling, insulating and electricity to make the environment comfortable for your guests. Smaller sheds will not require as much attention because they will only hold a few people, and may only be used in the summer months for outdoor parties. Housing the bar inside the shed will prevent the elements from damaging the interior.

Install 110 power outlets in the shed. Place them in locations where they will be easily accessible.

Hire an electrician to connect the outlets to the power source from your home.

Measure and cut insulation to fit in between the frame.

Cover the insulation with plastic and staple to the frame.

Screw drywall into the shed frame using drywall screws. Measure and cut the drywall to fill spaces where a full sheet will not fit. Cut the drywall to fit around the power outlets.

Tape over the seams of the drywall using drywall tape.

Cover the tape with drywall mud. Scrape the mud smooth using a trowel. Wait a full day for the mud to dry.

Sand the mud smooth using 120-grit sandpaper.

Paint the wall your desired colour.

Measure the floor space inside the shed. Cut your carpet to fit those measurements.

Place carpet glue over the floor.

Place indoor/outdoor carpet over the glue on the floor.

Purchase a bar to fit inside the shed. Position it in the shed as desired. Place bar stools around the bar.

Place a small refrigerator or cooler next to the bar.

Stock the bar and refrigerator with drinks and glasses.

Accessorise the bar with desired items.

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