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The telescopic wand is stuck on my vacuum cleaner

Updated February 21, 2017

A vacuum cleaner hose enables areas of the home to be cleaned using the suction power provided by the vacuum's motor. Accessories are attached to the end of the hose to poke into areas where the vacuum cannot go. The suction of the vacuum through the hose can cause an accessory like the telescoping wand to become stuck on the hose. To remove the wand without damaging the hose, employ a few supplies commonly found in most homes.

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Grip the end of the telescoping wand where it meets the hose with one hand. Press in on the release button that is on the end of the hose with the other hand.

Twist the end of the telescoping wand clockwise and then counter-clockwise while keeping the button depressed.

Pull the wand off the hose while twisting it. Release the button once the wand is free of the hose.

Place a sheet of newspaper on the floor or carpet. Collapse the telescoping wand. Hold the hose so that the wand is facing down, over the newspaper.

Place an end of the included plastic straw in the nozzle at the end of the lubricating spray can. Shake the can for five seconds.

Spray a sustained burst of lubricating spray around the seam where the end of the wand and the hose meet. Remove the can once you have circled the seam.

Keep the hose pointed down for two minutes and then grip the end of the wand with the other hand.

Twist the end of the wand clockwise with one hand while twisting the end of the hose counter-clockwise with the other. Continue twisting until the wand comes free of the hose. Wipe both ends off with a paper towel. Throw the newspaper in the trash.

Unplug the vacuum cleaner's power cord from the wall outlet. Twist the section of the hose connected to the socket on the vacuum counter-clockwise to remove it.

Collapse the telescoping wand, followed by collapsing the hose. Hold the two horizontally with the open end of the hose facing left and the wand facing right.

Press the release button at the end of the hose next to where the wand is, providing there is one, with your left hand. Hold the hose steady while twisting the end of the wand away from you with the other hand.

Continue to twist the wand while pulling it toward your right. Stop twisting the wand once it comes off the end of the hose.

Release the hose button, if there is one. Return the hose to the socket on the vacuum cleaner.

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Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Lubricating spray can

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