How to Replace a Yaris Hatchback Grill

The Toyota Yaris hatchback has two grilles mounted on the front-end cover: a lower grille and an upper grille. The upper grille is the one with the Toyota emblem on it, while the lower grille protects the radiator.

The process of removing and replacing either grille is straightforward, as both are attached to the front-end cover by simple tabs. However, accessing the tabs is a bit involved. The entire front-end cover must come off for you to remove and replace either grille. The procedure is the same for the Toyota Yaris sedan.

Park your Yaris, turn off the engine and open the bonnet. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery by loosening the terminal nut with the pliers and then lift the cable off the battery post. You will be working near the airbag sensors. Disconnecting the battery deactivates the airbags and protects you. Wait about 10 minutes for the system to fully discharge before proceeding.

Access the area beneath the front bumper cover. For best results, use a creeper. If you don't have one, place a towel on the ground to keep you from getting dirty. Underneath the front edge of the bumper cover, you will find eight Phillips screws. Remove the screws and store them in a cup.

Examine the top part of the front end, between the engine compartment and the grille. You will find seven plastic clips. Pry the clips up with a flathead screwdriver.

Look directly above each front wheel. You will see two additional plastic clips on each side. Pry them out with the flathead screwdriver.

Grasp the driver's side edge of the front-end cover, right next to the seam where the cover meets the fender sheet metal. Pull outward firmly to unhook the clips holding the front-end cover in place.

Move to the passenger side and pull the other edge of the front-end cover off. Grasp the front part of the cover and pull it away from the Yaris. The large, plastic front-end cover containing the grilles is now removed from the Yaris. Bring it to a workbench or table to remove and replace the grilles.

Turn the plastic front-end cover over to view the underside. You'll see the plastic tabs for the two grilles. There are 14 tabs on the upper grille and 11 tabs on the lower grille.

Push against the tabs with a flathead screwdriver to disengage them. Pull the grille out when all of the tabs are disengaged. Repeat for the other grille, if desired.

Insert the new grille in its place. Push the tabs back to the "locked" position to secure the grille to the front-end cover. Repeat for the other grille, if applicable. If you are using an aftermarket grille, follow the product instructions to attach the grille to the front-end cover. The procedure may be slightly different.

Bring the front-end cover back to the Yaris. Position it in place -- have an assistant help you hold the cover in place. Push down firmly along the top edge to snap in the clips. Move to the area above the tire and push firmly to reattach the clips. Move to the other side and repeat the process.

Insert the seven clips into the mounting holes on the top edge of the front-end cover. Push the clips down firmly to snap them in.

Insert the four clips above the tires (two on each side). Push firmly to snap them in.

Go underneath the front-end cover again. Insert and tighten the eight Phillips screws. Reconnect the Yaris's negative battery cable and close the bonnet.