How to Replace a Window on a Caravan

The road contains many different hazards that can damage the windows of your Dodge Caravan vehicle, including rocks that are kicked up by the tires of your vehicle or someone else's. If your window needs to be repaired or replaced, you can do the job yourself to save time and money.

You just need a few supplies and a new window.

Pull off the plastic moulding of the window that needs to be replaced, starting at the seam. Remove the plastic clips securing the window in place by pulling them off by hand.

Use a screwdriver or knife to help you slice through the sealant securing the Caravan's window in place. Push on the window from the inside of the vehicle to take it out.

Install the new window from outside of the Caravan. Take some clear glass sealant and apply a thin line on the inside and outside of the new window.

Snap the clips you removed earlier back in place on the new window. Replace the plastic moulding by pushing it back into place at the bottom of the window.