Hand Steam Cleaner Instructions

Hand steam cleaners are small appliances that push heated steam through a nozzle to disinfect and sanitise surfaces. The nozzle of the steamer can be outfitted with a number of attachments for different types of cleaning. The steam cleaner works by quickly heating the water tank and focusing the steam through a small opening. Hand held steam cleaners are powered by electricity and generally need to be plugged into wall sockets, unless the cleaner is battery operated.

Make sure the steamer is unplugged while filling with water. Remove the water tank from the device. Unscrew the cap of the water tank. Fill the tank until the water level reaches the fill-line.

Place the water tank back onto the steamer. Make sure the tank is locked into place. Plug the steamer into a wall socket. Switch to the "On" position. Turn the dial on the top of the steamer to the desired amount of steam -- the way to the left, for a little -- all the way to the right, for a lot.

Place the nozzle onto the steam port of the steamer, if the nozzle is not already attached. Point the nozzle at the surface to be cleaned and press the trigger. Allow a generous amount of steam to cover the surface.

Use specialised attachments for various surfaces. For kitchen counters that require disinfecting, use the narrow attachment for a more powerful steam spray. Use the cloth attachment to clear away stains on other cloths, such as upholstery or rugs.

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