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How to Change Darts

Updated July 20, 2017

Dart points can become dull over time, which can lead to bounce-outs when they're thrown into a board. Sharpening the point with a sharpening stone is advisable before changing to brand new points because it will save you money and unnecessary labour. Once the points have been sharpened several time, they will eventually reduce in length, which can be detrimental. Once this occurs, new points will be necessary. Sporting goods stores might provide re-pointing services, but it can be done yourself.

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Turn the wing nut on top of the point puller to open the screw thread.

Insert the dart point into the vice grip and tighten the barrel onto the opened screw thread.

Clamp the vice grip onto the point using your Allen wrench.

Twist the wing nut counterclockwise to remove the point and the barrel of the dart.

Remove the barrel and the old point from the puller device and discard the old point.

Insert the new point into the barrel and hold it point-down over your wood board.

Gently hammer the point and barrel together.


This can be a dangerous procedure that can injure you or ruin your darts. Consult a professional before attempting it on your own.

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Things You'll Need

  • New points
  • Point puller
  • Hammer
  • Allen wrench
  • Wood board

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