How to Use a Rizla Rolling Machine

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Rolling your own cigarettes is cost effective and can be quickly accomplished using a Rizla Cigarette rolling machine. Rizla rolling machines allow even the most novice cigarette roller to roll nicely shaped cigarettes in seconds. Rizla rolling machines can be found at most tobacco and smoke shops as well as online.

Place a filter at the right or left end of the slot, if you want one in your cigarette.

Spread no more than 1g of loose-leaf tobacco evenly on the surface of the rolling machine.

Close the machine by gently squeezing the rollers together. Spin the bottom roller toward you one full rotation.

Place a rolling paper between the closed rollers with the adhesive gum facing you. Gently roll the paper into the machine. When you can only see the adhesive gum sticking out of the machine, lick it. Complete the roll by rotating both rollers toward you.

Open the rollers and take out your rolled cigarette.