How do I Install a Simpsons Shower Enclosure?

A shower enclosure is the perfect way to add a shower into a confined bathroom space. Shower enclosures can add functionality and a sleek appearance to a half bathroom. Simpsons shower enclosures are designed with a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. They are produced and sold exclusively out of the UK. Most Simpons' enclosures come partially assembled, which makes installation a very straightforward process. With the proper plumbing in place, it should only take a few hours to install a Simpons shower enclosure.

Measure the area you wish to use for your shower enclosure.

Purchase a shower tray and enclosure that match your specifications and budget.

Lay your shower tray, paying close attention to the drain. Make sure the drain on your tray matches up exactly with the drainage hole. Poor placement of the tray can lead to excessive drainage problems.

Use silicone sealant to completely seal your shower tray. Coat any areas where the shower tray meets the floor or walls with a thick coat of sealant. This waterproof sealant will keep your enclosure from leaking out onto the bathroom floor when in use.

Place your enclosure over the shower tray. Screw the sides of the enclosure into the wall using the specifications contained in your installation guide. Screw placement and mounting height vary based on model. Use the included screws to safely mount the enclosure to your bathroom walls. When the enclosure is properly mounted, use your silicone sealant to coat any areas where the enclosure meets the walls.

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