How to Use the Mazda 6 SATNAV

Some higher-end Mazda 6 models, such as the Grand Touring model, may come with the optional navigation system. This system not only provides driving directions, but it also replaces the standard audio system. The navigation system includes Sirius satellite radio. Using either the satellite radio option with the navigation radio, or the navigation system for directions, is simple and straightforward.

Crank the Mazda 6's engine. Examine the centre part of the dash to find the navigation radio. By default, the radio should be on when you crank the engine. If it is not, push the "Power" button to turn it on.

Push the "Source" button. This is located on the left side of the navigation screen.

Push the on-screen button labelled "Sat." This switches the interface to the Sirius satellite radio.

Turn the "Tune" knob to the right or left to change the satellite radio stations.

Push and hold "Tune/Audio" if you want to save a satellite radio station as a preset favourite. An on-screen menu will appear with eight buttons. You can use these to save your presets. Tap the button you want to save the radio station to. Push it when you want to access the station quickly.

Crank the Mazda 6's engine. Push the "Menu" button located next to the navigation screen.

Tap the on-screen button labelled "Destination Entry." Tap "Address."

Tap "State," and then tap the desired state. Tap "City," and then tap the desired city. You can also tap "Input City Name" to type the name of a city.

Tap "Street" and type the street name using the on-screen keyboard. Tap "House Number." Input the numerical part of the address using the on-screen keyboard.

Tap "OK" to begin your trip. Begin driving and listen to or pay attention to the navigation screen to determine your driving route.

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