LEGO Technic Monster Truck Instructions

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The Lego Technic Rally Truck set is part of the Technic line of construction vehicles and off-road trucks and dune buggies. These sets differ slightly from other Lego sets, since they often have motors or other realistic moving parts. In the case of this monster truck-style set, the moving parts include oversized rolling wheels, working suspension and axles, and front steering. The set is not very large but complicated enough to make it difficult to assemble without instructions. Fortunately, the Lego website provides downloading of instruction booklets for most sets from the past several years.

Navigate to the Building Instructions web page on the website by clicking the "Building Instructions" link at the bottom of the page.

Enter "8261" in the "Quick Finder" field and click "Submit." The number 8261 is the product code of the Technic Rally Truck set.

Download the first book of the building instruction files that appear in the results. The instructions are in PDF format. The second book is to build an additional truck option in the set.

Sort the Lego pieces into intuitive piles. Many Lego builders prefer to sort according to colour to more easily find the necessary pieces.

Assemble the central structure of the truck's drivetrain, according to the instructions. This first section includes one of the gears necessary for the steering mechanism.

Build up the rear suspension system and attach it to the central structure. Part of the rear suspension includes the second gear necessary for the steering.

Put together the front suspension, which includes the final gears for the steering, then attach it to the main skeleton.

Assemble the rest of the upper structure, including the cockpit, according to the instructions. When you get near the top, you will place the steering knob on top of the cab. This steering knob is what turns the front wheels.

Place the steering wheel assembly onto the cockpit, then build up the front hood and fix it to the front of the truck.

Put on the front fenders and the oversized wheels to complete the set.

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