How to Send Free Group Text Messages

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Sending group text messages is helpful when you need to communicate the same message to a group of people. There are online vendors that offer this service. When using this service, do not use it as spam tool. You will find that several of these sites track IP address so they will monitor the usage for abuse and spam.

Sending the group is done in different ways by the selected vendor. Some vendors make you enter the cell phone individually each time while others let you create and save a group with the cell numbers.

Visit the Text 4 Free website. Scroll down until you get to the "Send Free SMS Message" section. Type the cell phone number in "Step 1". Select the cell phone carrier in the provided drop-down box. Click "Add Another Recipient" to add another cell phone number that will receive this message.

Type the text message in "Step 2". This section is limited to 140 characters or less. Specify how many text messages that you will send in "Step 3."

Type the validation code in "Step 5." Click "Send" to send the group text message.

Visit the Swaggle website. Create an account by typing your phone number in the "Need A Password?" field. Click "Get Password."

Check your phone for the password. Enter this new password in the login section Swaggle's site. Click "Sign In." Update your profile by adding your name, e-mail and cell phone carrier. Click "Update."

Click "Create Group." Type a name for the group in the "Group Name" field. Add a message in the "Introductory Message" field. Add your cell phone numbers in the "People To Invite" section. Separate the different a phone numbers with a comma. Select "Broadcast."

Click "Create Group." Members of this group will receive the text message.

Visit the SMS Gup Shup website. Click the "Sign Up" button. Enter your mobile number, password and e-mail address. Type the validation code and check the terms agreement. Click "Join Now."

Check your phone for the verification code. Enter the code and click "Verify." Setup your profile by adding your name, nickname, date of birth, gender and location. Click "Continue."

Type a name for the group that will receive your group text message. Add a category, tags and a description of your group. Type a greeting message in the provided box. Specify your privacy setting. Select "Public" to make the group searchable or "Private" for invitation only access. Check the terms agreement box.

Type the cell phone numbers in the provided box that will receive your group text message. Separate the numbers with commas for different people in the list. Click "Invite." The specified cell phone numbers will receive your introductory group text message.