How to Bypass School Filters Without Proxy

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One way that you can bypass your school's Internet filters without using a proxy is by using a Web-to-e-mail service. There are several different types of services available that you can use to deliver Web pages to your e-mail account. Choose a Web-to-e-mail service that will convert the information on any website, and send you an attachment in PDF format.

Log in to your e-mail account. If you do not have an e-mail account, you will need to create an account with an e-mail service. Choose a free e-mail service, such as Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Web2Mail. Look for the "Create New Account" button on the website's home page and click it.

Type your first name in the "First Name" field. Then, type your last name in the "Last Name" field. Choose a login name and enter the information in the "Login Name" field. Create a password for your e-mail account and enter the information in the "Password" field.

Write down your login name and password for your e-mail account. Continue entering the required information on the Web page for setting up an e-mail account. Click the "Create My Account" button when you're finished. Now, you will be able to send and receive e-mail messages from your free e-mail account.

Compose a new e-mail message. Look for the "Compose Mail" hyperlink near the top of the Web page and click it.

Use a Web-to-e-mail service that will allow you to browse the Internet using your e-mail account. You will be able to access websites and bypass school filters without using a proxy. For example, type the email address "" in the "To" field. Next, type the name of the website that you want to view in the "Subject" field. Then, type the website's URL address in the "Message" field, and leave the rest of the message blank.

Log out of your e-mail account. Wait about five to 10 minutes, and log back in to your e-mail account. Look for an e-mail message from the Web-to-e-mail service. Normally, the service will send you a PDF attachment with a layout of the website that you want to view. You can open the PDF file and view the contents online, or download the PDF attachment and read the information at your convenience.

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