How to make your own conservatory blinds

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Conservatory blinds are standard installations for homes and businesses to prevent the sun from entering windows or simply to provide privacy. Making your own conservatory blinds is a simple process requiring a few basic tools. You can purchase a do-it-yourself conservatory blinds kit in any home supply store wherever blinds are designed or sold. These kits offer you basic materials and instructions for how to complete your own blinds in no time.

Measure the length and width of the window you wish to shade. Add 12-inches to the length to accommodate for the shade material that will loop around the roller.

Trim a sheet of vinyl shade to these specifications.

Screw the roller frame to the top of the window frame.

Loop the shade around the roller. Pull 6 inches of shade down the backside of the roller. Sew a seam, attaching the back layer of vinyl to the front layer.

Place a wooden or plastic dowel rod at the end of the vinyl sheet. Tightly roll the vinyl over the rod so the rod is secured within the vinyl. Apply a single layer of epoxy to the vinyl and press shut. Hold for 30 seconds to ensure the epoxy dries and the dowel rod is completely secured. This gives you a pull point on the blind when raising or lowering the shade.

Install the roller and shade into the roller frame.

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