How to Remove the Decor Panel on a Neff Dishwasher

Neff dishwashers vary in the amount and types of features each model contains. Most models of Neff dishwashers have front decor panels on the doors to add aesthetic value. A Neff dishwasher's decor panel can be removed and replaced with another style of decor panel. It is also necessary to remove the decor panel in order to repair certain parts of the dishwasher door. The decor panel can be removed and replaced whenever it is necessary. The dishwasher does not need the decor panel to be in place in order to run.

Open the dishwasher door as far as it will go.

Remove the four screws along the inside edge of the dishwasher door.

Close the dishwasher door.

Lift the decor panel up and away from the dishwasher door to unhook it. Lift the panel away from the Neff dishwasher.

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