How to Make a Magic Wand Out of Copper

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Magic practitioners believe that wands can focus power and energy to direct rituals and spellwork, and that the materials in the wands amplify the magician's intent, sending it further into the universe. For this reason, wand materials are very important. Some practitioners like to use natural materials while others prefer conductive metals like copper. The idea is that copper conducts intent just as well as it conducts electricity. Making a wand out of copper requires no tricks, just precision and determination to make it work.

Slide your pipe cutter about 8 inches up your 1/2-inch thick copper tubing. Tighten the pipe cutter and spin it around the tubing. The blade on the inside of the cutter will score the tubing, slicing it apart.

Choose your crystals. You may choose two of the same crystal or two different crystals. Quartz works well for most kinds of energy. Amethyst, rose quartz and fluorite are also commonly used for their magical and therapeutic properties. Make sure the crystals fit snugly in the ends of your copper tube.

Line the insides of the ends of your tube with silicone caulk. Slip your crystals into place, making sure they're firmly seated in the tube. Allow the wand to cure overnight.

Cover the copper tubing with leather strips if you want a more natural look. Glue one end of your leather strip to your copper tubing right below a crystal. Wind the strip around the copper tubing to the other end, right below the other crystal, then glue it down. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

Shine your copper with steel wool if you decide not to cover it. Simply rub the wool up and down the copper, giving it a bright sheen.

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