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How to Take Apart an Evoluent Mouse

Updated April 17, 2017

The Evoluent VerticalMouse is an ergonomic computer device designed to take the strain off computer users' wrists. Based on the traditional computer mouse design, the Evoluent VM fully supports the user's hand in an upright position and keeps the user's arm from twisting. The bottom side of the moue can be removed, allowing easy access to the inner workings of the device. This can be helpful in times of troubleshooting to ensure that the wires are making contact with the circuit board.

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Unplug the mouse if it is currently plugged in to the computer. Carefully remove the round pad at the front of the mouse and remove the screw underneath. Use a small screwdriver to remove the two exposed screws located next to the mouse's tracking light.

Insert a screwdriver all the way through the label to remove two screws underneath. Remove one screw from under the mouse's serial number label and a second screw from under where it says "China" on the label.

Open the bottom cover. Connect the wide ribbon cable to the pins on the circuit board with the red stripes facing outside.

Connect the two-wire cable to the pins on the circuit board. The orientation does not matter. Screw the cover back on using the small screwdriver. Adjust the tightness of the screws to ensure that the bottom is flat.

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