How to fit eyelets to curtains

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Eyelets are a type of fitting that creates a circular pass through on fabric. This pass-through ring attaches to both sides of the fabric usually with an interlocking metal or plastic set of rings. Smaller rings are called eyelets and larger rings are called grommets. Smaller metal eyelets are often attached with a hand-held tool that compresses the rings together all in one motion. You attach larger metal grommets with a grommet punch and peen type tool. Larger plastic grommets, which curtains typically use, can be attached without this tool. Plastic grommets are becoming common because they are so easy to install.

Lay the curtain face down on the work surface so that the top edge is available. Position grommet tape 1/2 inch from the top edge and with a grommet spaced evenly from each side. Trim the tape at each side allowing for a 1/2 inch seam.

Turn the ends of the grommet tape under 1/2 inch and pin. Line up the tape 1/2 inch from the top edge and pin. Sew the grommet tape to the back side of the top of the curtain.

Mark along the inside of each grommet with a pen. Cut away the fabric inside the circle drawn by the pen.

Press the other half of the grommet into the grommet built into the tape. This grommet section mounts from the finished side of the fabric. The plastic grommet will snap together when you attach it completely.

Adjust the plastic tabs that are surrounding the grommets on the back side of the curtain. The tops of the plastic tabs slide together to gather the grommets evenly. There are usually three adjustment slots to achieve the depth of gather you prefer.

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