Homemade Djembe Stand

fleurs et djembé image by Anthony CALVO from Fotolia.com

The djembe is a popular hand drum used for many different styles of percussion and is often played in drum circles. Commercial drum outfitters produce many different types of djembe stands for storage and playing ease. Creating your own djembe stand at home out of PVC pipes is an economical way to make it easy to play and store your djembe.

Form a triangle slightly smaller than the face of your djembe, using two elbow joints and three pieces of PVC. You can build this triangle around your djembe to guarantee a fit. The top of the djembe should set securely inside the triangle.

Cut each pipe of the triangle in half. Attach a T-joint in the middle of each piece of pipe. This will allow you to connect the triangle to the legs.

Glue the joints and pipes together with epoxy resin.

Measure the height at which you'd like your djembe to stand, using the measuring tape. Subtract about 2 inches to account for the triangle top and the joints to determine the length of two of the PVC pipe legs. Cut the legs with a PVC saw to the size you determined.

Cut the PVC legs in half and attach them to the triangle top. Attach another T-joint at the base of each leg, with one open end facing inward.

Measure the distance between the edges of the horizontal-facing ends of each T-joint. Cut a PVC pipe to this size.

Create a bridge for stability between the two leg pieces by attaching the smaller PVC pipe to each horizontal-facing end of the T-joint on the legs. Attach the other half of the leg pieces to the open, vertical-facing T-joint.

Measure the length of the third and final leg with a measuring tape. The third leg can be shorter than the other two to allow the djembe face to tilt downward toward you. Cut a PVC pipe of this length and attach it to the open T-joint on the triangle top.

Glue all joints and pipes together with epoxy.

Turn the stand upside down and fill the bottom portion of the legs with sand. Seal the legs with PVC ends and glue them on with epoxy. Allow all glue to dry before placing your djembe in its new stand.

Place thin, soft cloth around the edges of the triangle to prevent damage to the exterior of your drum.

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