How to Build Cavaletti From PVC Pipes

In perspective image by Jessica Beeton from

A cavaletti is a pole suspended off the ground and is used primarily in animal training. A PVC cavaletti is lightweight and easily moved from place to place or stored away. Cavaletti are ideal for training or just for fun. The size of the cavaletti may need to be altered depending on the height of your animal.

This cavaletti is 6 inches off the ground.

Apply glue to one of the four outer ports of one of the connectors and slide a 6-inch pipe into the glued connector port. A five-way connector looks like an "X" with a port in the centre. Repeat this process with the other connector and 6-inch pipe.

Glue the inside of the ports next to the ports with the 6-inch pipes and insert the 8-inch pipes. The cavaletti will stand on these legs. The 8-inch pipes offset the cavaletti, making it sturdier. For taller or shorter jumps, increase or decrease the size or the 6-inch pipes, then add 2 inches to the total of the pipe to get the dimensions for the 8-inch leg.

Apply glue to the other four outer ports on the five-way connector and insert the 15-inch pipes into these ports. This, too, will add balance and alert you and the animal of the upcoming cavaletti.

Insert the plugs into the ends of the glued pipes. Plugs close off the ends so they do not make holes in the ground or fill with water when it rains.

Place the 8-foot pipe in the centre port on both five-way connectors. The pipe will have one connector on either end. This pipe can be glued if desired. If the pipe is not glue, the cavaletti can be taken apart and stored easier than if in one piece.

Let the glue dry before using the cavaletti. Most PVC glue dries in less than 30 minutes. Read the instruction on the glue container to determine the appropriate drying time.

Set the cavaletti on the 6 and 8-inch legs on flat ground and test the cavaletti out.