How to Paint Resin Wicker Furniture

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All-weather wicker is woven from resin, a synthetic material that can be formed to imitate natural rattan or bamboo. Resin wicker can withstand the elements and is often used to create outdoor furniture for a patio or garden space. You can change the look of your resin wicker furniture by painting it. However, it is necessary to use a spray paint formulated for use on plastics; other types of paint will not adhere to the surface.

Set the resin furniture to be painted outside, if possible, for best ventilation. Place plastic or cloth tarps on the ground.

Use an ammonia-based cleaner if your resin furniture is old. Wipe it down to clean the surface. If your furniture is new, wipe it down with a standard paint thinner for best adhesion. Allow to dry.

Follow all instructions on the paint can; ensure it is designated for use on plastics. Shake the bottle of spray paint for about 30 seconds. Hold the nozzle of the paint can down and slowly begin to move the paint can back and forth over the furniture's surface. The can should be about six inches away from the resin wicker. Apply light, even strokes to avoid a heavy coating of paint.

Allow the resin wicker furniture to dry. The paint will dry to the touch in 15 minutes. However, wait one week before use, to allow the paint to achieve maximum adhesion.

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