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Speedfit Plumbing Fitting to Copper Pipe Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Speedfit plumbing fittings give plumbers a way to make leak-free copper pipe joints without the need to solder. A Speedfit fitting uses a collet, an internal sleeve, that contains stainless-steel teeth and has a rubber O-ring on its end. The teeth grip the copper pipe and the O-ring forms the watertight seal. Designed for residential water systems, a Speedfit plumbing fitting can join a copper pipe to plumbing pipe made of other types of materials.

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  1. Cut the copper pipe to length with a copper tubing cutter. After placing the copper pipe into the tubing cutter, turn the cutter's handle until its wheel touch the copper pipe. Spin the cutters around the pipe one time and check the groove to verify the wheel remains square to the pipe. Tighten the handle and spin the tubing cutter around the pipe. Repeat this until the pipe snaps in two. Never bend the pipe to finish the break.

  2. Open the tubing cutter's reaming blade, located on the cutter's frame. Place the blade into the end of the pipe and twist. This removes any burrs that formed while cutting.

  3. Remove all tarnish and corrosion from the end copper pipe with sandpaper. Clean the last 1 inch of the pipe until it shines.

  4. Push the end of the copper pipe into one end of the Speedfit plumbing fitting. Continue to push the pipe until its end hits the Speedfit's pipe stop, located at the centre of the fitting.

  5. Tighten the Speedfit's locking collar, if equipped, until its inside edge hits the fitting's body flange. The locking collar turns by hand. Not all Speedfit models use locking collars.

  6. Grip the Speedfit with one hand and the copper pipe with the other hand. Gently pull on the pipe. This seats the stainless-steel teeth.

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Things You'll Need

  • Copper tubing cutters
  • Sandpaper


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