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How to Check a Partner's Phone Records

Updated March 23, 2017

Until a few years ago, people would hire private investigators if they ever needed to check on a partner's phone records. Not only did it cost a fortune, but was also time consuming. Nowadays, it is easier to track the activities and whereabouts of your partner. The best way of checking your partner's phone records is by contacting the phone network provider. If your phone is a joint account, it will be very easy to get hold of the phone records. The process may be trickier if your partner has a separate account.

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  1. Contact the phone network provider and request a copy of phone records. For account verification, you will be asked for necessary information, such as name of the account holder, account number, billing address, date of birth, social security number (not all companies ask for the SS number) and some other information. Upon successful verification, the phone network provider will e-mail or post you the phone records. This method is only possible if you have a joint phone account with your partner. If you use separate phones and you don't have his account number and other verification information, you will have to try other methods.

  2. Do some investigation on your own and try to find your partner's cell phone account number and password. This information may be found in a filing cabinet, safe, desk drawer, work files, or some other "hidden" place. If you succeed in finding this information, log onto the phone company's website, enter username and password and retrieve the phone records.

  3. Hire a private investigator if other methods don't work. Deleted caller ID records, deleted text messages, deleted phone logs and their durations can be retrieved by private investigators, such as Advanced Surveillance Group, Number Investigator, and Phone Search Central.

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