How to Convert Wired Speakers to Wireless

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It is possible to make your clunky wired speakers wireless. By using a simple installation kit, you can throw away that speaker wire and put your speakers where you want them, rather than be tethered to old technology. You can even put your speakers in another room if you want. This procedure works for surround-sound television setups as well as stereos that are music-only.

Acquire a wireless-speaker kit. There are several wireless-speaker kits on the market, ranging from very low-priced versions that offer poor sound to high-priced versions that offer near-CD quality. The set-up process is virtually identical for all wireless speaker kits.

Before buying your kit, be aware of the fact that none of the wireless-speaker conversion kits on the market are truly wireless; they all come with wires that you will need to connect. This is because regular speakers do not have amplifiers in them and wireless signals alone cannot provide the amplification that is needed to produce sound from speakers. This means that to make a speaker wireless, an amplifier must first be connected to the speaker; this amplifier will need to be plugged into an electrical socket to get its power. The amplifier is then connected to the speaker via a wire. Also, be aware that these kits connect only two speakers -- left and right for stereo -- and that the two speakers must be connected together the same way that computer speakers are. The reason that they are thereafter considered "wireless" is because the speakers are not directly connected to the sound source. The signal to them travels through the air from the sound system, through the transmitter, to the receiver and then to the speaker.

Most wireless kits come with three main pieces: a transmitter and two receivers (small amplifiers), along with AC adaptors and wiring for each.

Connect the transmitter. Turn off the power to your sound system and then connect the transmitter to your sound-system amplifier using the cable that comes with the kit. The cable plug goes into the port on the back of your sound system that is marked "Out" or "Stereo Out"; the other end plugs into the transmitter. Next, plug the AC adaptor into the wall on one end into the transmitter on the other. Disconnect the speaker wires that lead to the speakers you wish to make wireless.

Connect the receivers. Remove the existing speaker wire from one of the speakers and use one of the receiver cables from the kit to connect the receiver and speaker together. Next, connect the AC-adaptor cables together; plug one end into a wall outlet and the other into the back of the receiver. The power light on the receiver should come on and start blinking. Repeat for the other speaker and then use the remaining cable to connect the two receivers together.

Turn on your system. Listen to make sure that sound emanates from the speakers. The lights on the receivers should change from blinking to steady, indicating they are receiving signals.

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