How to remove spray paint from a surfboard

surfboard wax 1 image by Scott McCarty from

A typical surfboard is made with a fibreglass shell, polyester resins and a polyurethane foam core. Surfboards come in many different colours and designs.

But what if you bought a second-hand surfboard that had been spray painted -- or started to spray paint your own and decided against it -- and now you want to remove the paint? There are solutions. Products are available that can remove spray paint; just be sure to research which ones are best for a surfboard.

Use acetone. This is available at any hardware store and is inexpensive. Apply acetone to the surface and use the scrub brush to remove the paint. Acetone is a recommended thinner for fibreglass and polyester resins which make up the outer shell of a surfboard. Rinse with water.

Sand it off. You can use 180 to 280 grit sandpaper. Be careful that you don't sand too deeply and damage the surface. Once you've sanded the paint off, rinse with water.

Use a spray-paint removal product. Look for a product that removes most spray paint and other types of permanent marks from any surface without damage.