How to Make a Lara Croft Costume

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Lara Croft began simply as the heroine from the "Tomb Raider" series, but her popularity with gamers (particularly male gamers) has turned her into a pop culture icon. Her skimpy clothing is not only a selling point for the game, but an easy and attention-getting costume.

There have been many incarnations of the character, giving you a few options with colour choices. However, her basic outfit has remained the same, ensuring that you will be recognised as Lara.

Begin with a tight khaki, grey, pale blue or black shirt. It can be either a tank top or short -leeved shirt, with either a V or standard neck. In several incarnations the shirt reveals her midriff, though this is not required.

Add a pair of khaki, brown or black shorts. Lara's trousers are very revealing, so the go with the shortest trousers that you feel comfortable with. Use a different colour than the shirt for contrast.

Put on a belt with a large, rectangular gold or silver buckle. In the Angelina Jolie movie the buckle had a skull stamped into it, but any buckle will work.

Strap a leg holster to each leg, connected to the belt and with a strap around each thigh. The guns themselves can be toys or air guns.

Put on a pair of black boots. They should come at least partially up your calf. Riding boots and tall motorcycle boots work well for this.

Put on a pair of fingerless gloves made of black leather (or something similar).

Put on a small black or brown backpack. Ideally this should be made of canvas or leather.

Pull your hair back into a braided ponytail, with a few wisps hanging down into your face. If your hair is not long enough, consider incorporating hair extensions into the braid. You can also wear a wig.

Finish the look with a basic yet sexy make-up. The eyes can be a bit sultry, but for the most part keep it simple.