How to repair a dent in alloy wheels

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Alloy wheels are made of a soft aluminium material and are easily dented when hit against curbs or against debris in the road. This results in dents in your alloy wheels which bring the overall look of your vehicle down. Almost anyone can repair a dent in alloy wheels when using the proper materials from an auto parts store. A dent in an alloy wheel can be repaired in just a few hours.

Sand the dented area of the alloy wheel with 220-grit sandpaper. This prepares the surface of the alloy for body filler. Once the area is sanded, wipe enough body filler on the dent so that the dent is filled and the filler makes a mound rather than a dent. Let the filler dry for 30 minutes.

Use the 220-grit sandpaper to evenly sand the dried filler until it is level with the surface of the wheel. Place masking tape and paper around the edges of the wheel to protect the tires. Wrap a small piece of tape around the air valve stem to keep paint and primer away from it.

Spray a moderate coat of primer on the repaired area, focusing on the body filler, but allowing the primer over-spray to land around the area on the wheel's surface. Let the primer dry for 30 minutes.

Sand the dried primer using 400-grit sandpaper and water. Keep the sandpaper soaking wet while sanding. Go over the area again using 800-grit sandpaper and water. Once the primer has been sanded smooth, rinse the wheel and allow it to dry completely.

Spray a total of three to four thin coats of silver alloy-coloured spray paint over the repaired area. Keep the spray can six to eight inches from the surface of the wheel when spraying. Let the paint dry for three hours before handling the wheel.

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