How to Remove a Black & Decker Drill Bit

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All Cordless Black & Decker hand drills use a keyless chuck system to clamp drill bits. Most corded Black & Decker hand drills use a key that engages the splines on the chuck. Obviously with one style being keyed and one being keyless the process to remove a Black & Decker drill bit is entirely different for each.

Locate the key connected to the cord of your Black & Decker hand drill. The tip of the key has a knob on it surrounded by gear teeth. On the end of the key, which is black, is connected to the cord and has a metal bar that creates a T-handle.

Locate the round hole on the side of the chuck. The hole could be on any side of the chuck since it rotates around the chuck when you turn on the drill. The hole is located in front of the gear teeth on the chuck.

Place the knob on the key into the hole on the chuck and mesh the gear teeth on the key with the gear teeth on the chuck.

Turn the T-handle counterclockwise with one hand while you hold the hand drill steady in the other hand. This will loosen the chuck so you can pull out the drill bit.

Locate the directional switch just above the trigger on the hand drill and set it to counterclockwise.

Hold the drill tight with one hand and grasp the black sleeve on the keyless chuck with the other hand. The keyless chuck holds the drill bit.

Press the trigger on the drill and quickly let off the trigger. Repeat this to give the cordless drill several short bursts of power. Hold on to the sleeve of the keyless chuck as you do this. Stop when the chuck starts to open up. If you just pull on the trigger, you risk the chuck opening all the way and the drill bit flying out.

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