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How to Rename the Menu on a Panasonic 50 Plasma

Updated February 21, 2017

The menu names at the top of the screen on your Panasonic 50-inch plasma television set are called "input labels." By default, each input label will be named literally after the type of cable used in the input. For example, the input label on your first HDMI input will be called "HDMI 1." You can rename these input label menus at any time via the Panasonic television set's main menu system.

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  1. Press "Power" to turn on your Panasonic 50-inch plasma television set.

  2. Press "Menu" on your Panasonic's remote control.

  3. Choose the "Setup" option.

  4. Select "Connected Devices." From this menu, choose "Input Labels." Highlight the name of the input label you want to change. Press "OK" to select it. Go through the list of input labels until you find the label you want to assign to that input. Press "OK" again to finish renaming your input labels.

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