My Bosch Washer Won't Start

Modern Bosch washers include several features and functions designed to make washing easier and more effective. Many Bosch washers include EcoAction, which reduces energy use by 20 per cent, ActiveWater, which limits the amount of water the washer uses and Baby Care, which is designed to eliminate tough stains.

If your Bosch washer does not start, there are a few troubleshooting steps to take before calling for repairs.

Turn the washer's cycle selector dial to the cycle you want to use.

Place the laundry inside the appliance and close the door. The "Start/Pause" indicator light will flash.

Hold the "Start/Pause" button for five seconds, then release. The washer will start.

Flip the washer's circuit breaker switch to "On" in your home's breaker box if it is in "Off" position. A power surge can cause the switch to flip from "On" to "Off."

Press the "Start/Pause" button after you select the wash settings. The washer will not start until you press this button.

Press on the door to fully close it if the "Check Door!" light appears. You should hear a click and the washer will start.

Press in on the washer's power cord to ensure it is fully inserted into the outlet.