How to Grow Dinosaur Egg Pets

Dinosaur image by btanne from

Dinosaur egg pets are a great gift for any child with an interest in dinosaurs. You can buy this novelty item at almost any novelty store, and sometimes they are even available at museum gift shops, particularly museums that have a large science component.

Growing a dinosaur egg is a fun activity to do with your kids or class. Even though they are not real, kids can have fun pretending that they are.

Fill the container with water. The water should be less than 35 degrees Celsius.

Place the dinosaur egg in the container, making sure it is submerged completely. Wait 24 to 48 hours for the shell to break.

Throw away the shell and fill a larger, 8 fl. oz. glass with water that is warmer than 35 degrees Celsius.

Give the dinosaur another 72 hours to continue expanding, at which time, it will grow to its full height.