How to clean bird droppings from a trampoline

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Trampolines provide hours of entertainment for children (and adults, too). Kids are getting exercise, burning excess energy and having a grand time doing it. But of course, due to their size, trampolines are normally kept outdoors and are exposed to the elements all year long.

Very quickly, the trampoline mat can become dirty. Along with the leaves and dust, rain and snow, birds can also contribute to the soiling of a trampoline. Fortunately, their droppings are simple to remove without causing damage to the trampoline mat.

Spray the trampoline surface with the hose or pressure washer to dampen the droppings. While the health risks are slight, they are possible, and wearing a respirator and gloves is recommended. Dampening the droppings first will prevent any possible diseased spores from becoming airborne.

Add the detergent to the water in the bucket, stirring to create suds. Using sponges, scrub the surface of the trampoline with the soapy mixture until all traces of bird droppings are gone.

Spray the trampoline down with the pressure washer or hose, thoroughly removing all traces of soapy water. Rinse completely, making sure that soap doesn't remain in the springs of the trampoline.

Wipe excess water from the trampoline with the towels. If the day is warm, the sun will dry the remaining water. Do not jump on the trampoline while it is still wet.