How to Troubleshoot a Life Fitness 9500HR Elliptical

The Life Fitness 9500HR Elliptical machine is a piece of home fitness equipment that can provide you with a different workout than just running on a treadmill or lifting weights. This machine can help you stay fit without leaving your house, but it can also have problems working throughout its lifetime.

Issues you may have with this machine include power issues and trouble with the heart-rate monitors. A few troubleshooting steps will help you fix this problems and get back on the machine.

Press the "Start" button on the console if you are not receiving power to the machine. If the console does not turn on after pressing this button, start pedalling the elliptical. This machine has a rechargeable battery inside that gets power from you using the machine. Program a workout as normal and use the machine for 20 minutes to recharge the battery. If the console still remains dark after pedalling for a few minutes, you may need to get your machine serviced.

Make sure the electrodes on the heart-rate chest strap are wet and that they are flat against your skin if you are not getting a heart-rate reading or the reading is erratic or extremely high. It must also be 3 feet or less from the console to work properly. If it is still not working right, clear the area of any electronic equipment that may be causing interference. If the strap is still not working, the battery inside may be dead and need replacement.

Dry your hands with a towel and place them firmly on the heartbeat sensors on the handles of the elliptical if the console is not reading your heart beat correctly. These sensors will not work if your hands are wet. Your hands must cover all of the sensors and must be pressed down firmly for the device to work. If your hands are dry and are firmly pressed against the sensors and it's still not working properly, you may have a hardware problem.