How to make a homemade bird repellent with milk jugs

pigeon bird wild bird image by Pali A from

Birds produce beautiful songs in the morning, and they are fascinating to observe from a distance. Unfortunately, birds can also damage your home and transport ticks and lice onto your property. If you are content to enjoy the birds at your local park, you can create a homemade bird repellent and keep the flying creatures off your property. Use milk jugs to make a large batch of repellent.

Drop 48 chilli peppers in a blender and purée. You may need to purée the chilli peppers in two or three batches.

Pour the puréed chilli peppers into a gallon milk jug and fill with water. Snap or screw the milk jug lid in place and shake for 60 seconds to combine.

Locate a sunny spot in your backyard and place your gallon jug of chilli/water in it. Wait five to seven days before returning to fetch the chilli/water. This gives it time to ferment.

Add half a cup of white distilled vinegar to the gallon milk jug and mix one last time.

Fill an empty spray bottle with your homemade bird repellent and spray it around your yard. Concentrate on flowers and plants that normally attract birds to your property. You may also want to spray any eaves or rain gutters the birds like to perch on.

Place the cap on your milk jug and store the remaining homemade bird repellent in a basement, shed or garage.

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