How to Remodel an Old Camper

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Older campers may benefit from remodelling them if the camper isn't updated or modernised. Instead of replacing an older camper with a newer one, sprucing it up will improve it. Modifying and updating an older camper does not require exceptional skills or tools. Modifying an older camper requires ample time to complete the renovation. Altering an older camper during the camping off season ensures more than enough time to complete the remodel so you can get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Paint the exterior of the camper with exterior metal paint, a paintbrush and paint roller. Selecting an exterior metal paint prevents the paint from peeling.

Paint the walls in the camper with interior paint, a paintbrush and a paint roller. Painting the walls of an old camper remodels the appearance of them, and might save you from installing new walls altogether. When selecting a paint colour for the camper walls, take into account that a light shade creates an illusion of an open, airy space.

Remove the cabinet doorknobs with a screwdriver. Paint the cabinet doors in the camper with interior paint. Allow the paint to dry on the cabinets before moving onto the next step.

Install new cabinet doorknobs on the cabinet doors. Place the knob on the outside of the door and attach it with the screw provided and a screwdriver.

Install indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor in the older camper according the manufacturer's directions. Indoor/outdoor carpet immediately remodels the flooring of the camper and provides cushion on bare feet while camping.

Remove the window treatments in the camper and hang curtains. Select curtains with colours that complement the walls and cabinets.

Remove the light fixture in the camper and replace it with a new one. Typically, to remove a light fixture, unscrew the light fixture and unravel the colour-coded wires. Install the new light fixture in the camper according to the manufacturer's directions. Installing a globe light fixture or track lighting helps create a modern appearance.

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