How to Decorate Wine Glasses With Bows

curling ribbon image by Shannon Workman from

Wine glasses are often used for special occasions and making toasts, and you can make them even better suited for the task by dressing them up with custom decorations. Embellishments like etching and painting make a bold design statement, but are also typically permanent.

Bows, however, are more versatile -- while you can use them to permanently alter the look of a wine glass, you may also tie them on in such a way that allows you to easily remove them.

Cut a length of ribbon between 6 and 10 inches long, depending on how large you want your bow.

Press the centre of the ribbon to the stem of the wine glass, just under the bowl.

Loop the ribbon around and tie it to the glass, putting it tightly to give it a firm hold on the stem. You should now have two equal lengths of ribbon hanging from the stem -- tie these together in a traditional bow.

Cut a length of ribbon between 12 and 24 inches long -- though this depends on the height of your stem, you can trim off extra or add more later.

Place a dot of hot glue or super glue on the end or your ribbon and press it firmly against the stem, right above the foot.

Loop the ribbon tightly around the stem at an upward diagonal angle. After one or two of these tight loops, place another dot of glue on the ribbon and press it to the stem to keep the ribbon from slipping.

Loop the ribbon in this manner until you reach the top of the stem, just below the bowl -- the stem should be completely covered by ribbon. Cut off any excess ribbon, place a dot of glue at the end of the ribbon on the stem, and firmly press it to the stem so that none hangs loose.

Tie a 6-to-10-inch length of ribbon around the stem and tie it into a bow.